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The best sex positions for getting pregnant

Having sex is fun, but trying to have a baby is probably one of the most stressful times in the life of a couple. While some are able to conceive easily, for others it is a waiting game that tests one’s patience like no other. So what can you do to make the process of ‘baby making’ more fun and successful? Here are some tips that work!

pregnant sex

Deep penetration: You must ensure that there is maximum penetration. This is because the tip of the penis should ideally be as close to the cervix as possible, helping shorten the distance sperms have to travel.

Let gravity do its job: Ideally you should aim to reduce the amount of work sperm has to do to get to the egg. Try not going against gravity, and give your pelvis a little tilt to make their journey a little easier. As funny as this sounds it does work!

Be stress free: This is one the most important factors in conception. Stress makes your body release a number of hormones that are counterproductive to conception, not to mention causing your body to tense up and making the vagina more rigid; taking away all the fun from having sex. Before you scoff at the idea, consider this – a study conducted by the University of Oxford found that the enzymes and hormones released while a woman is stressed reduces the chances of her getting pregnant by up to 12%, even during her most fertile period.

Have fun and orgasm: A number of scientists say that it is not imperative for a woman to orgasm in order to have a baby. They are right, reproduction does take its course but making your woman have an orgasm has its own benefits. For starters, it makes her happy, opens up and dilates her cervix, lubricates her vagina and makes the uterus and vagina contract. All these factors put together are the perfect recipe for baby making. Not to mention the fact that the tiny contractions along the vaginal wall and uterus help the sperm move along towards the uterus.

Sex positions for conception:

Missionary: The most common position, the missionary style of sex does have its benefits. In this position the woman lies on her back, with the man is on top. The fact that her pelvis is not tilted to face downwards helps the sperm move closer to the cervix helping in conception and the man has a great leeway to achieve better penetration. It also helps the couple feel closer, and most importantly makes the woman feel more connected to her man. Guys can slip in a little bit of naughtiness into this position for that added pleasure by talking dirty or by simply looking into the lady’s eyes while making love.

Doggy style: A great position – and most men will agree they love it – the doggy style is great for baby making. Apart from all the fun you can have with it, doggy style helps increase the amount of penetration and opens up the cervix just a little bit more than other positions. This position checks all the boxes in our sex for conception check list.

Spooning: Another common position with great benefits. With the man behind the woman as they lie down, this pose ensures that the sperms reach the cervix as the woman’s pelvis is tilted at the right position. You can try variants of this pose where the woman’s legs are spread open and rest on the outer surface of the man’s thighs. This not only adds to the spice of this position it helps you hold her really close.

After sex:

Cuddle: When you are done with the act, it is a good idea to simply lie and cuddle. Before the men out there protest about how they would rather not, here is the reasoning behind it. During an orgasm and after sex a woman releases a powerful hormone. Unlike men, who simply release dopamine or the ‘feel good hormone’, women release oxytocin or the ‘cuddle hormone’. This hormone makes a woman want to bond with her partner. It also has other benefits – it is responsible for streamlining her reproductive cycle, helps by giving her the biological need to care for her baby, assists the birthing process and starts the lactation or milk production cycle as well. So when you cuddle after having had a good time between the sheets, it helps in the production and sustenance of oxytocin, making the woman more able to conceive. Another great reason is that cuddling simple helps you both bond and feel good. If all else fails it might lead to some more fun.

Lie down: Another thing that women can do is to lie down with their legs up in the air with their pelvis raised off the bed. To make the insemination process more efficient she can place a few pillows below her lower back to help keep the sperms in the vagina longer and prevent it from flowing out. Although there are a large amount of sperm in one ejaculate, that are enough to impregnate a woman, staying stationary for a while after ejaculation is a good way to help the process along.

Finally, sex should be fun, exciting and sensuous. Enjoy every moment of it and watch the pregnancy test turn positive the next time you try.

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Stress affects Fertility

A new study shows that stress really can affect Fertility. Stark findings in a new study point to the pivotal role psychosocial stress plays in upsetting the delicate balance of fertility.

Women with high stress levels have double the failure rate and are twice as likely to be declared infertile.pregnant-woman-300x199

‘This is the second study in which we have demonstrated that women with high levels of the stress bio- marker Apha Amylase have a lower probability of getting pregnant,’ according to chief researcher Dr C Denning-Johnston Lynch of Ohio State University.

373 women aged from 18-40 were tracked for a year as they quit birth-control and started trying to conceive. Researchers checked a stress bio-marker called Alpha Amylase, found in saliva, as well as cortisol, a familiar steroid hormone from the adrenal glands.

The results of the study were published in the journal ‘Reproduction’ last week.

Dr Denning-Johnston Lynch urges women to undertake stress reduction and mindfulness programmes before starting their fertility quest, ‘Rather than ignoring it, dealing with stress before trying to get pregnant could shorten the time it takes to conceive.’ Stress affects the emotional centre of the brain, the Amygdala, setting off a chain reaction affecting the hormones vital to conceiving, from the Pituitary gland right down to the Ovaries.

What Can You Do?

It’s time to take stress seriously. This requires a mindset shift which goes well beyond the crass advice of “Just Relax and everything will be fine.’ Far from it. The study shows how the mind and body are linked. The key to learning to deal effectively with stress is at the core of my practice

Mindfulness Hypnotherapy is a research-based method to reduce effects of stress, improve resilience and teach coping skills for a busy life.


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