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Matt’s 5 Magic tips for Valentines day !!! Not for the faint hearted !!!!!

Top 5 gifts for her for Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s day, the day of the year when (mostly) men feel obliged to make an effort in the knowledge that it’s a safe guarantee of some action. Some people think it’s a shameless ploy by marketers and retailers to part you from your cash and you’d be right, but here we have some tips that can get you into the good books and not necessarily cost you cash. Well it’s really just one gift – oral. A shocking 52% of women say their men don’t go down on them enough. That really is shocking considering that a man will have no problem dropping his zip for some lip. So this Valentine’s Day tend to your woman’s lady garden, whether she’s got a bush or a shrub. Because god knows your pleasure area isn’t exactly winning any art prizes.

1. Treat yourself to a meal No, I don’t mean go to a fancy restaurant. You can do that too if you like, but notice that I said “Treat YOURSELF to a meal”. If you need it spelled out for you, then eat her pussy. Go downtown for a nibble. Take your time too, don’t just treat it like an ice cream and lick it like it’s a Loop the Loop. Bit it like it’s a Magnum, swirl your tongue around like it’s a Tangle Twister, carefully take your time to get to the goal like it’s the chocolate inside a Feast. Do all of this and she’s surely repay the favour on your Wibbly Wobbly Wonder.

2. Roses are red… Violets are blue, if you don’t eat her out, your balls will be too. That’s just a little poem for you. Get some rose petals and lay them out on your bed (made with fresh sheet, you dirt) Then lay her down, and forage in her undergrowth until you have her begging for your gnome. Ok, so I stretched my metaphors and euphemisms a little with this one, but you get the idea. Don’t make it seem like you’re just putting some time in downstairs so that you can get to where you want to go. You should want to do this and if it’s just not your thing then don’t force yourself to do it. She’ll pick up on that and it’ll make for an awkward and just not nice experience. I can’t believe I couldn’t work in a hoe joke.

3. Some romantic music… So you’ve got the rose petals, the bed is fresh with dryer sheets (or probably Febreeze) and you’re about to munch like a proper monster. This is where you can change things up. A lot of men complain that they don’t know what to do with a vagina when it comes to oral sex. Well, imagine that the clit is a tiny (yes, even smaller than yours) penis. In particular the tip of a penis, the most sensitive part. Do to that what you’d like done to the tip of your penis. Suck it, flick it, GENTLY nibble it. Flick fast, lick slow, change it up. Hum the national anthem if it keeps your concentration on check or if you want to get freaky why not try beatboxing some Wu Tang Clan into her, erm, beat box?

4. Buy her lingerie… Here’s a rule – unless she’s particularly stated that she wants the crotchless panties and peephole bra, stick with some classic lingerie. I’m not saying women aren’t into that, they are or it wouldn’t be sold. But chances are that she’ll buy them to surprise you. If you buy them for her, it’s like saying “hey, slip these on and then I won’t have to pull anything to the side when we’re drunk later”. Lingerie can sometimes be tricky, finding what she’s comfortable in, what she’ll feel sexy in etc. But generally if it doesn’t look like it came from a red tinted window in Amsterdam you should be ok. And don’t hide behind the excuse that you don’t know her size. Check her underwear drawer when she’s in the shower and you’ll have all the size info you need – and it’ll give you some clues to what styles she likes etc. Lingerie isn’t for you, it’s for her. Knowing that what you’ll be turned
on by what she’s wearing is one thing, knowing that you want her out of it as soon as possible is a bigger turn on altogether. Failing that, ask her to wear her favourite dress without anything underneath might just turn you both on enough that you won’t make it out of the house before jumping on each other. And we all know that a hot, kinky night in is much better than a fancy night out!

5. Take your time… We’re all grown ups here so I’m going to talk the way people talk. Take your time when you eat her pussy. Going down on a woman is one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences I can look forward to. If you think it’s boring, you’re doing it wrong. If she thinks it’s boring, you’re definitely doing it wrong. Read up on tips on how to do it. Or if you want some real tips? Watch some lesbian porn. Proper lesbian porn, none of the inflated boobs, fake tanned “OH YEAH TONGUE MY FUCK BOX” lesbian porn. Search for Melena Morgan, Elle Alexandra and get lost in related videos, links etc. These girls know what they’re doing, and more importantly what to ask their partner for. If you’re still thinking that going down on a lady is for the birds (geddit?) then mix things up with some 69 action. Trust me, if you’re putting your work in you’ll be on the receiving end of the best blowjob you’ve ever had. And if that’s not an epic incentive then there’s nothing more we can do for you.

Matt you Do have a wonderful way of words !!!! Thank you check out more of Matt’s work here my lovelies


Top 5 signs she’s NOT faking it

Top 5 signs she’s NOT faking it

Men, we like to think we’re God’s gift to women and their sexy parts. The harsh reality is that due to our over inflated ego, too much online porn and lack of actual experience with constructive feedback, we’re probably rubbish.

You’ll read tons of articles online telling you that size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t, it’s just a nice bonus. Kind of like the difference between a cream eclair bought in a petrol station versus one bought in a 7th generation local family bakery. One will leave you wanting more and the other will leave you feeling ashamed of yourself and wondering why you do it to yourself every time.

But I digress.

Anyway, ask a man if a woman he’s ever been with has faked an orgasm and he’ll probably look more offended than a Muslim in a teddy bear art gallery. Fact is that 26% of women fake orgasms every time they have sex. So lads, if you’re out with 3 mates and by some miracle you all pull – one of you will be leaving a lady wishing she had an eclair instead.

But you need wonder no more. Here are Canoodle’s Top 5 Signs that She’s NOT Faking it!

1. The most beautiful word in the English language – Moist
It’s basic physiology. When a woman is super aroused her vagina gets wet. I could sugar coat it with better terms, but that’s what it boils down to. If after the deed you find yourself more than a little dry, then chances are that she was less than honest with her moans of passion.
On a slightly less romantic note, if just before the main event she mutters “Spit on that first, love” then she probably just wanted to get it over with in the first place.

2. Is she looking a little flushed?
Rosey cheeks were once a sign that a woman was healthy, which is where the fashion of blushing with makeup originated from (lots of facts in this here piece). In this instance we’ll think of rosey cheeks being the result of a good work out. Like when you’re perving on women in the gym you probably wouldn’t have noticed (because you were ogling her yoga pants while trying not to get spotted) that her face was red, she was sweaty and out of breath.
Well good sex is a lot like a work out.
If she doesn’t look like she’s at least had a short sprint, she was being liberal with her vocal encouragements.

3. Is she a little out of breath?
You know how in movies when there’s a sex scene and they flop on to their backs and they’re all out of breath for a minute? Actually, scratch that. You know how when you have sex and you flop on your back and you’re out of breath just before you roll over, fart and fall asleep? Well if she’s not as out of breath as you are, you didn’t do something properly. It’s like being on a see-saw – if you were the one doing all the bouncing and she was just being bounced around then she wouldn’t be out of breath. She’d just be sort of shook up. Yeah, it’d be fine but she’d probably want to go on the slide next time, if you get my meaning.
4. Is she asleep before you?
It’s not an uncommon knowledge or joke that men fall asleep after sex, but truth is that if a woman finds herself on the receiving end of a good seeing to then she should be fit for the land of nod just as quickly as you are.
It’s all about endorphins or magic or something I don’t know.
Your lady should be out of breath, red faced and wetter than an otter’s socks just before she drifts off to the best night’s sleep she’s had since she binged on eclairs.

5. Does she want to go again?
You know why it sucks to be a man sometimes? Because we can have one orgasm at a time. Some women can have one right after another. And if you’re good enough your lady can enjoy all the benefits of her superior anatomy. All you need is some education (not porn), experience and to pay attention. Attention to what she wants, what she likes, what she tells you or how her body responds to what you’re doing.
Multiple orgasms aside, if you do what you’re supposed to then we can bet that she’ll be more than a little eager to get at it again.

If not, you can always buy her a cake and roll over.

If you want to get a little adventurous, or even explore with your partner remember that Canoodle has everything (and more) that you need to inject some fun into your sex life.

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Yeah I'm Single female

Yeah – We’re Single Blog – courtesy of

So Valentine’s Day is but a memory for another year, and singletons can once again wear their status proud. Bitter and proud. But there’s no need to gorge yourself on left over Ben and Jerry’s and discounted chocolates, you can (and should) treat yourself. Yes, treat yourself at the hands of the person who knows you best – you.

Whether you’re a single man testing out the viscosity of different liquids in your house for sexy self time lube or a single lady belting out a Beyonce tune while ignoring your running mascara, we’ve got something for you.

Ladies – sure you have no one to watch The Notebook with, or stroke your hair and call you a princess, but even if you did, could he/she get you off? The “Yeah, I’m Single Female Box” is what you want and what you deserve.

A sexy lace thong with crotch still intact because a man didn’t pick it out. More vibrating stuff than an NCT failing gearbox, some lube in place of a “spit on it, love” and rose petals because, fuck it, you’re worth it.

Men – sure you’ve got no one to give you a sneaky handjob during Die Hard or when you’re tearing it up in Call of Duty, but even if you did, could he/she do it without crying “Don’t get it in my hair!”? The “Yeah, I’m Single Male Box” is everything you need to clear out the baby batter and set your mind straight again.

A silicone masturbator with some lube for when you run out of spit, a vibrating cock ring because that’s why, a prostate stimulator because you’re a modern man, some erotic (posh speak for fancy porn with mood lighting and blow dried hair) DVD’s and some condoms. Let’s face it, last thing we need is some silicone masturbators dragging you into court for a paternity hearing.

So screw Valentine’s Day and your happy attached friends in their ears, Canoodle have you covered.

The 11 worst things you can do at the office Christmas party!

It’s Christmas party season! That magical time of year when your career and your borderline alcoholism collide. What could possibly go wrong?xmas party

Well according to our Friends at, absolutely nothing, nothing as long as you don’t do any of these of course…

1. Rinse the free booze (Yes it has been noted that you’re stalking the waiters for free champagne and yes it is frowned upon)

2. Wear something totally inappropriate (Of course that would never happen if you shopped at

3. Say something totally inappropriate like ‘Hey, this is really fun! Everyone’s drinking and smiling and dancing and I feel so relaxed! It never felt appropriate in the office, but maybe this party is the perfect occasion to make a funny joke about my boss’ moobs or boobs even!!!!” NO.

4. Dance too energetically. We all know the score. A few drinks down and harmless bopping turns to dancing turns to twerking. When you’re challenging IT to a breakdance-off it’s time to go home.

5. Engage your boss in conversation about your performance at work. It’s a party; not an appraisal!!

6. Cop off with a colleague. They’re hot now because you’ve had 11 tackily themed Christmas cocktails, but they’ll be plain-looking again once you’re back in the office. Don’t be the office gossip on Monday morning.

7. Cop off with a colleague in front of other colleagues. OK, if you absolutely must, at least go somewhere private to do it. Most venues have disabled toilets these days.

8. Get involved in photos. Don’t take photos because people will come to fear and resent you. Don’t be in photos because there is every reason to fear and resent the takers of photos at office Christmas parties.

9. Tell someone senior about your sexual proclivities. I’m afraid I’m talking from experience here. I did this last year and the worst bit about it was that the senior person shared their sexual proclivities back at me, which I wasn’t expecting.

10. Publicly demonstrate your sexual proclivities on someone senior in the middle of the party. Yep, did this too.

11. And finally… not turn up to work the next morning. ‘Hi, it’s Bob. Yeah, I’m afraid I’m not going to make it in to work today. You know how you last saw me at 3am vomiting into the intern’s snood? Well completely coincidentally I have woken up this morning with the flu.’

If your Christmas party is on a school night, you’re still expected to turn up to work the next day. Sorry about that.

Have a good one. No wait, have a great one. Merry Christmas from all at

Independent Product Review gets 9/10 by

The first in a series of independent product reviews sees our friends at give us the high up and the low down on our Tenga Egg. We think they may even have enjoyed themselves! Here is what they had to say!


“When I first heard about the Tenga Egg by Tenga, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it. To be honest, I hadn’t completely gotten over my feelings of estrangement towards masturbation sleeves, and to some degree I’m not sure I totally have. For me, they’re just weird. Maybe a little threatening in some way. Funny how a big rubber cock won’t push my comfort boundaries at all, but an often shapeless silicone sleeve that goes on my member will. I can’t explain it. But I digress! Maybe I’ll talk about that more in another article. Back to the Tenga Egg!

I was pretty intrigued by the concept of the Egg. Here’s the brief: The Egg is intended as a lowcost, few-times-use, disposable masturbation sleeve that comes in a variety of textures. It’s packaged with water-based lube as part of the product, so it comes ready to go. Or goes ready to come. Nevermind.

The packaging is a plastic egg shell, similar to a plastic Easter egg, with a shrink-wrap wrapper and label. That comes off easily enough and then you crack the shell halves apart. Inside is the egg-shaped silicone sleeve. The sleeve itself is smooth on the outside with only one opening at the wide, bottom end. Tucked inside is a tampon-shaped plastic retaining cylinder with two purposes: to retain the shape of the egg until use, and to provide a convenient container for a small packet of water-based lube. Pull out the retainer, tear open the lube packet, line the outer opening with a little lube, and squirt the rest inside the sleeve. All told, it’s a pretty clever package.
So that’s the pitch. What was using it like?


The Solo Test
Well first, how about a few gripes: Let’s start by talking about the lube. It’s a Tenga branded waterbased lube in a little packet that’s rolled up inside the plastic retainer. I think it’s a clever idea.

The sleeve itself feels thin, as I prepped it I wasn’t sure if this sleeve was going to hold up. The texture inside was quite thick and noticeable, however. As I got going the sides of the egg were thick enough to accommodate a good squeeze. The thin nature of the walls means you can be a lot more dynamic with the sensations by altering your grip style and pressure. What you do with
your grip really transmits through this toy.

After a few minutes the silicone begins to warm up from the heat of your hands and the friction. This results in the firmness of the silicone to change. The walls of the egg begin to feel more buttery as you continue. For some this dynamic change might be really pleasant. Personally, I found the experience to feel a little inconsistent and “used” after only a few minutes. I would have been a little happier if it retained a firmer feeling throughout, but this is really a nitpick. It wasn’t that distracting.

There was plenty I liked here, however. Before ripping the sensation was excellent. Typically a hand-job or a blow-job takes a lot of work to get me off. And I would say the sensation for me was more akin to either of those acts as opposed to vaginal or anal penetration. Yet I had a really hard time pacing myself so that I didn’t blow within five minutes. The more I kept this thing lubed, the more awesome it felt, so keep a supply of extra lube and a bit of water on hand to keep things gliding. As long as it didn’t break and it stayed properly lubricated, the egg felt wonderful!


The Couple Test
It should be noted that this is just a personal feeling of mine (and one that we’re admittedly trying to change with this series) that male sex toys have a bigger stigma attached to them than anything a woman can buy. I mean think about it, Canoodle have parties in homes all the time. I’m betting though that most of them involve women laughing over wine coolers about the veiny texture of the latest dong. I can’t imagine that there are many male parties wondering what a latex pussy feels like.

That said, this is the reason I was a little hesitant in trying this toy with my partner. Luckily she wasn’t so hesitant. Why? Well because I have the gift/curse of a long staying power when it comes to, erm, coming. Blowjobs and handjobs are a workout. (Like upwards of 20 minutes sometimes) So anything that might speed that process up was a warm welcome as far as she was concerned. Well, just like a handjob/blowjob from another person is generally better than anything you can do yourself (assuming that person knows what you like etc), the egg was much better being worked by an independent pair of hands! It cut my staying power time into a mere fraction.
So there.

Final Impressions
First of all, this toy is marketed as a single use toy. Which to me seems a bit shitty. I mean, there’s no way that female toys would sell as well as they do if they were only single use. But I wouldn’t let that put you off. With a little care and proper hygiene this toy could be used a few more times. Hell, unless you rip right through it, there’s no reason to replace it before a few more uses.

Some might think the price point is a little high for a disposable toy. When I look at all that goes into this complete package, however, I’m sympathetic that it’s probably about as low as it can get.

I give it a 4/5 for clever design, tight, efficient packaging, not looking cheap to me at all.

I loved the sensations this little egg elicits. A solid 5/5.

Myths about Gay Men!

So the girls have already had their turn, now it’s time for the boys. Today our fantastic Rebelle Haze will detail some myths about gay men.

Before we begin though I feel it is important to point out that there are plenty of Gay men who do fit into these categories and some love fitting into these categories and that is totally cool. Equally there are plenty of Gay men that don’t and however you choose to live your life and express your self, is fabulous in my eyes. However these are myths that are perpetuated about all Gay men, as if you were presented with a list of “Gay thing to do” on the day you came out. Let us begin.

  1. All Gay men LOVE anal sex! Let’s be honest here, when the majority of people think of Gay sex they will assume that anal sex is a given. This is not the case, some gay couples will engage in anal sex and some will avoid it like the plague. Pretty much the same goes for any couple engaging in any sex act, some will love it, some not so much. Similar to the idea that there has to be a “man” in lesbian relationships, there does not have to be a “giver” and a “taker” in gay relationships. Even if there is, it really comes under the umbrella of stuff that is just not your business. Sure we are all interested in what happens in others bedrooms but that does not give us an automatic entitlement to know what it is that someone is doing even if they might be doing it differently.
  2. Gay men are promiscuous. While we are talking sex let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with sleeping with as many people as you want (just pretty please be safe!) The assumption that gay men are promiscuous stems from sexist notions of what it means to be a man. I mean as a man you want all the sex you can have all the time, right? It might be the case for some men but not all of them and promiscuity is certainly not a “gay only” trait.
  3. Gay men’s relationships never last long. Another version of this myth is that gay men don’t have “real” committed relationships. This myth is damaging and hurtful. It seems to suggest that gay men are controlled by what is between their legs and certainly couldn’t possibly commit to one single man where there are all these other men out there that they could be f**king. The level of commitment in a relationship is as “real” as the people involved in the relationship make it. The commitment involved in “open” relationships is no less real than the commitment involved in “closed” relationships–it’s just different types of commitment. And, of course, all of this is true across the spectrum of relationships and is not specific to gay men.
  4. Gay men “recruit” young folk. Oh yes, nothing quite brings joy to “The Gays” quite like an old fashioned recruitment. They hit the streets in their droves with glitter covered registration packs and like the pied piper round- up groups of young folk to the beat of Lady Gaga’s latest album. Nobody is recruiting anybody!! Sexuality is a little bit more complicated than that. If Gay men were that good at convincing people to “turn”, their skills would have been put to much better use by now.
  5. All Gay men are effeminate. Sure, some Queens walk with a bit more swish as they strut into a room. But is this an indicator of sexual orientation? Not necessarily. Just like everyone else, gay men exist on a continuum of masculine and feminine traits. Some gay men are what our society considers more feminine, while others are more masculine. There are also effeminate straight men.This is typical of confusing gender with sexuality. Gender (how people present as masculine, feminine, genderqueer, etc.) is related to sexuality (who people are or are not attracted to), but one does not determine the other.

Stay tuned for my next blog!!

The 10 Most Popular Places to Have Sex In Public

Sex toy company Adam and Eve just published a survey which indicates that 52% of American adults have had sex in public at some point in their lives.

According to the surveyed people who have had sex in public, these are the most popular spots:

1) Parked Cars (80%)

2) The Woods (55%)

3) A Park (44%)

4) A Beach (42%)

5) Workplace/Office (25%)

6) Public Bathroom (22%)

7) Movie theater (16%)

8) Airplane (7%)

9) Church (5%) Give us that one again?

10) A Taxi (2%)

7 of the most common Sex Questions?

Chatting about orgasms or lagging libidos can be intimidating. So we stepped in and did the asking. Our answers may reassure you, surprise you, and even inspire you to turn up the heat on your sessions in the sack.

  1. Am I Normal?: As long as your sex life isn’t harming anyone and you’re safe, there’s no reason to be concerned about the shape of your desires, or your genitals. “Normal” encompasses a broad range of behaviors and bodies. You don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about uninhibitedly enjoying and exploring your sexuality. A first step in loosening those inhibitions is embracing this broader definition of “normal.”


  1. How Often Do Most People Have Sex? Research has shown that most long-married couples have sex once or twice a week, provided illness, pregnancy, travel, or a major issue like financial stress doesn’t get in the way. For new couples, sex happens more often, but the frequency will gradually decrease over time.
  2. How Do I Tell My Partner What I Need in Bed? Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so you have to speak up and be clear about what you want. Be honest, but not accusatory. Women in particular want to know how to manage having that “touch me here, not there” talk without killing the moment or sounding reproachful. Try saying things like: “Can you do that thing with your tongue again” or “This feels good! You know what would make it feel even better?” (Then get on top, change positions, or move his hand). Sometimes you don’t have to say anything at all, you can also moan or coo to give him added information so he knows when he’s doing something you enjoy. Remember that your partner wants to make you happy in bed, and he wants direction — our bodies are often a mystery to men, and any guideposts along the way are appreciated.
  3. I’ve Lost My Sex Drive! Why? Lack of libido is a common problem as women get older and experience the hormonal changes of menopause, but it can happen at any age. Fluctuating hormone levels can contribute (perimenopause can begin as early as age 35), but so can stress at home or at work, medications (some antidepressants and birth control pills have been linked to lowered sex drive), poor physical fitness, and lack of sleep. If you’ve lost interest in sex, first check physical factors. Visit your doctor for a general checkup and tests that will detect changing hormone levels. Consider whether low libido may be a side effect of a new medication, and make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthfully. Then look at your stress level: If your daily to-do list is overwhelming, don’t be a hero; get help. Finally, take time for the pleasures that can reconnect you with your inner vixen: a hot bath, a spa day, time with friends, date night with your husband.
  4. One of us has Cheated. How Do We Get Past It? It is possible to repair after an affair. First, the partner who cheated must cut off all communication with the ex-lover, and make it clear that he or she is recommitting to the marriage. The unfaithful spouse should be 100 percent honest about the affair, but refrain from giving too many gory details. Therapy is important; a couples’ counselor can help you find out what led to the infidelity and how to rebuild the relationship. Outside of the therapy session, the injured party should get to vent, rant, or cry for 10 minutes a day, and the unfaithful spouse must listen and accept the hurt he or she has caused. Limiting these venting sessions to 10 minutes a day preempts constant fighting about the subject and allows a couple to focus on rebuilding. We’ve seen this technique work over a six-month period or less: The more the wounded spouses allow themselves to feel and express their hurt, and the more they feel validated and heard, the lighter the emotional burden becomes, and moving on seems possible.
  5. How Do I Tell My Partner About My Fantasies? Sharing fantasies with your partner can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Simplify the process by creating a “fantasy file” and keeping it in your bedroom. You and your partner can each write down a couple of fantasies (or several!) on separate slips of paper, and stick them in a folder (or notebook, or box). Whenever things get dull in the bedroom, pull a fantasy out of the file and act it out. It sounds silly, but if you agree to have fun with the project and commit to exploring new things, you’ll be surprised at how much your sex life can benefit.
  6. How Do We Make Time for Sex? It’s not uncommon for busy couples to miss out on sex because they’re overbooked, or overburdened, or overtired, or all of the above. But it’s essential that you devote time to your marriage (and by extension, your sex life), no matter how busy you are. Your marriage is the cornerstone of your family, and deserves your attention. Don’t wait for free time to miraculously appear; create it. If necessary, steal it from some other activity, with no apologies. Write your weekly date night in stone, and break it only for emergencies. Start saying “no” more often to requests for your time, from volunteer work to family gatherings. Leave housecleaning or laundry for a rainy day — better to have a pile of dirty socks than a rocky marriage. Make your relationship and your sex life a priority. If you don’t schedule time together, it just won’t happen.
  7. We’re Stuck in a Sexual Rut. How Do We Rev Things Up? Long-term couples often find that their sex lives become a bit boring. That can definitely change — but you have to work to keep things exciting and fresh. Small alterations in routine can have big payoffs. Initiate sex at a time that’s unusual for you — say, when he walks in the door from work. Introduce a new move in the bedroom. Or just give your spouse a long, passionate kiss when he/she least expects it. Bring flirting back into the equation: Send provocative e-mails or texts throughout the day to get each other going. And here’s a somewhat surprising turn-on: Express gratitude to your partner five times a day, and watch how much more you start appreciating your life together. Pretend you’re lovers having a secret rendezvous; book a night at a local hotel. Try having sex somewhere new and risqué, like a restaurant bathroom or the kitchen counter. It’s OK if you feel a little self-conscious at first. You’ll find that the more you add playfulness to your connection, the more natural it will feel — and the better your sex life will be. of course you can always try a toy from our fab range. Click here to find out more about the canoodle sex toy sets for couples.

We would like to thank Sex therapist Laura Berman for most of the content for this blog.

College Students and Sex – How much do you really know?


With a record 50,000 people heading off to college this year, we’re willing to bet you don’t know as much as you think you do about what happens in those hallowed halls of education. But are students really hitting the sheets as much as they are hitting the books?

It feels like the minute you arrive at college, you’re supposed to begin a hunt for sexual partners. At least that’s the reputation of college—the place to go not just for an advanced education, but also for a carnal education. A recent poll had the following results:

  • Sex is the Norm but not as frequent as you may think. Since this was a sex survey, not one of the respondents said they had never had sex. One third (33%) said they hit the sheets several times per week, but almost 2 in 10 (18%) reported they do the deed from every few months to less than a few times per year.
  • Double Digit Partners. 86% of the respondents have had between 1 and 10 sexual partners but we at canoodle think that there is a hell of a difference between the figures 1 and 10!! The largest group is between 2 and 4 partners, with 38%.
  • The Question of Condoms. While the majority of 18-24 year old respondents (44%) wear a condom most of the time they have sex, about 1 in 4 (23%) either only wear a condom some of the time they have sex, or worse, never wear a condom. Definitely time for a wee chat on this one me thinks!
  • It’s Not All Hookups. While 42% of those surveyed said they were in a casual relationship or a “friends with benefits” arrangement with one or more people, 44%, the largest group, said they were in a serious relationship. Fifteen percent are not in a relationship at all.
  • No Desire to Stray. Unless… Even with all the hooking up going on, 78% of the respondents said they have never cheated on their partner. But when asked if they would cheat knowing they would never get caught, 22% said they would. Oops!
  • Women on Top. The most popular sexual position among college students? Face to face with the woman on top, the favorite of 32% of those surveyed. Second place goes to the often maligned, and apparently underrated, missionary position with 28%, just barely beating out doggy style, in third place with 25%.
  • Does Size Matter? Bad news. It seems size does matter, with 83% of those responding saying it was very or somewhat important.
  • Talk Dirty to Me. The 18-24 year olds surveyed like their sex to be vocal. And dirty. 45% said they like dirty talk, and another 45% said yes, but it depended on their mood.
  • Watch Out for the Interns. When asked what they planned on doing in the future, one third said they wanted to have sex at work. 28% want that sex to be with a co-worker or boss. It must be an authority figure thing… 28% also said they want to have sex with a teacher!!
  • Keep it On the Down Low. Not everyone is out there bragging about sex. 65% said they talk about the details of their sex lives with friends only sometimes or rarely, and 15% said they never talk about it. Two in 10 (20%) said they give details to friends often or all the time.
  • Let’s Go to the Videotape. They may not talk about their sex lives, but college students have no problem documenting it on video. While 41% said they would never make a sex tape, 54% said they would, or would be open to it. One in 20 college students (5%) admitted they are already breaking out the cam during sex.
  • Not All Experimenting Happens in the Lab. How adventurous do these students get? Four out of 10 (40%) describe themselves as open-minded and like experimenting with new things. 35% will occasionally try something new, while only 15% are not open to a little experimentation.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. When asked how satisfied they were with their sex lives, about 6 in 10 (58%), said they were “very satisfied.” Only 8% said they were not very satisfied or not satisfied at all.


Sexual Satisfaction Survey was conducted by Lifestyles Condoms.




Orgasm Day and we missed it Really!!!

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen so we missed National Orgasm Day, shame on us, we owe you an apology  for not letting you all know and  now you have missed out, or have you?? Well as far as I’m concerned everyday should be National orgasm day!! Why you may ask, well let me tell you


We all have stresses with everyday Life, Did you know that having an orgasm can relieve Stress, Oh Yes it surely can, When you have an orgasm Oxytocin releases a multitude of events including the release of Endorphins and these make you feel Amazing, Calm, Happy and ready to take on the world!!!! Oh and also make you sleep better.


Getting down and Jiggy with it for 30 minutes can burn up to 200 calories and if there is an orgasm or 2 thrown i, well all the better.


Now some may find it difficult to achieve orgasm, let there be no panic we at are here to help you, here are my top toys and my top tips to help you achieve the Stress free Orgasms!!!


My top tips to achieve an orgasm


  • Relaxed – try and relax take some time out it, Stop thinking about the Kids / work /bills etc, I know that is easier said than done, but it is quite difficult to achieve an orgasm if you are on edge.  
  • Environment – remove all distractions all household/workload chores are done, your bedroom is tidy , these are distractions, if your Distracted then you’re not relaxed!
  • Grooming – us ladies always feel so much better when we have waxed or shaved the Legs, Bikini line and underarms, Moisturise your whole body the Skin looks and feels more Subtle.
  • Toys / Lingerie – Dress up put something sexy on, this will really get you in the mood, introduce toys, toys are fun and can really give a helping hand in the Bedroom.
  • Foreplay – Extremely important, fool around for while, kiss, touch, Massage, the more intense you feel more the Likely you are going to achieve an orgasm.


My Top Toys