Couples buying a sex toy for the first time


Hey My Lovelies, So, I have a few tips on buying sex toys as a couple, these are a must my sweets;

So if you are buying sex toys for the first time, please please please sit down and talk about it, it’s so much fun sitting down and browsing the internet looking for a toy to spice up your love life, there are so many fun sex toys out there all different shape and sizes, you certainly don’t want to arrive with a 15″ Dildo that is going to frighten the bejaysus out of your partner!!!!

So you are a first time user! My recommendation is a small Clitoral Stimulator, Now let there be no panic it’s not all about us, this can be used as a couple, it’s a fantastic toy for foreplay not only does it satisfy us ladies, it can arouse gentlemen too, with the vibrating sensations touching the Erogenous zones on your man it will drive him crazy, here are 2 examples of erogenous zones; The Nipples and the F Spot!! now where is the F Spot you may ask, well I shall tell you;

How to find it: The frenulum is the spot where the glands meets the shaft on the underside of the penis just below the head, and the concentration of nerve endings here is sometimes compared to the female equivalent of the clitoris. So there you have it!!!

Now when you receive your clitoral stimulator, there is one rule I have, because this toy is small under no circumstances do you use this toy for internal use this is fir external use only!!

Super Vibrating bullet

Next time we will go up a notch to intermediate!!!!

Have a wonderful Day

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