My first experience with vibrators was a long time ago. It was also my last up until recently! The ‘silver bullet’ I’d used in my early twenties hadn’t done a lot to get me off so I’ve been relying on my nimble fingers for longer than I care to remember. Then, recently, when I was offered the strange and wonderful task of reviewing some of the latest gadgets I eagerly agreed. These things should be talked about openly and honestly. We’re all adults, we need reviews on just about everything else before we make a purchase and , most importantly, I get to write about orgasms!!

I decided to start off with a mini vibe set called Water Works ( waterproof mini six pack ) . While it wasn’t the type of six pack that usually gets me wet there were definitely no complaints here. The base is like a small bullet with a curve at the top for clit tickling or a good ole g­spot stimulator. Then it includes 5 detachable soft jelly sleeves in varying shapes. There’s one that resembles a bird, a dolphin one, a strange flower shaped piece and two covers that look similar to the base but one is smooth and one has little bumps on it. I went for the latter piece for my first go and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it got me going. There wasn’t a great amount of noise coming out of it either which is a bonus if you’re worried about the neighbours knowing when you’re diddling yourself. The speeds went up to an unbelievably high level but I kept it at a medium level as was afraid my bits would get too sensitive to enjoy the experience. Combined with some decent porn I was singing hallelujah within five minutes. I had been concerned that vibrator use would mean only one intense orgasm (I’m used to five or six with just me) but was delighted to be able to go quite a few times.

A couple of nights later I was a bit braver and wanted to find out how the wee dolphin attachment did its thang. It made me grin straight away when the two thin pieces for the beak started going 90 an hour!! If you want to get right into the clitoral area this is your toy! I found the sensation quite intense and unusual but very pleasurable but switched back to the old faithful from the previous session and once again had a few seriously rocking orgasms.

I’d recommend this kit to just about anyone. The various pieces will fit any humor (and easily into your purse if needs be) and I think it’s the perfect way to get into toys if, like me, you’re a bit of an accessory virgin. It would be a very handy and non threatening device to introduce into sex play with your man (or woman) too. I plan to test the rest of the attachments over the next week too and am pretty excited about it! I also have some more toys to tell you about over the next while so watch this space.

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