Toy Joy Dazzling Dragonfly

€19.99 €8.99


Product Description

Girls you will soon be in a dazzle with this sensation strap on toy, it will flutter and tease your erogenous zones without mercy.This is the sensational Dazzling Dragonfly, a gorgeous purple coloured dragonfly shaped strapon that has wonderful vibration for endless vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation. This gorgeous sex toy is a pleasing 8 inches and is cast in soft jelly, simply strap it round your waist and let the dragonfly do the business.Slide into your anus or vagina to experience orgasmic vibrations, let the dragonfly flutter against your clitoris and you will soon be so aroused you will be writhing and thrusting, gyrating and bucking towards an earth trembling, body quaking orgasm that will leave you exhausted with erotic pleasure.

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